Who are telecom brokers?

A Telecom Broker is a person that acts as an agent to a Business, Non-Profit or Government Entity that is looking to change, upgrade or streamline their telecommunications services. 

This is typically achieved through an ongoing working relationship with the business, wherein the telecom broker may do an initial audit of what voice, data, and Internet needs the business requires, but is in constant contact with the business as their needs change. 

In addition, after the services and products have been installed it is usually up to the telecom broker to ensure that these services and products are performing, as they should be.

Why a business may find it wise to go with a telecom broker for their telecommunication needs, is that because these brokers are independent they are not beholden to any one brand or communication company. Other master agents only deal with certain companies and their products. While this offers depth of knowledge, it does not offer breadth of knowledge, which may be what some company seeks. This is especially true for companies who have less traditional needs. It allows the company to explore alternative solutions to their telecom needs.

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