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Mobility is typically the fastest growing yet least understood component of telecommunications expenditure. Data costs will soon outstrip voice costs.

Today’s dynamic marketplace requires support for a workforce on the move—on multiple devices, in multiple locations, accessing the resources they need. The challenge is to offer secure and reliable access to those resources—anytime, anywhere, on any device—regardless of whether the device is owned by the company or the employee.

We find you the best solutions and present them to you with the advantages and disadvantages of each.  You take your time to consider each and make the best choice for your business needs.

Willow Telecommunications will find you the best solutions


Business automation tools give you greater control over your mobile environment. Willow Telecommunication also gives you a dedicated expert analyst to review your rates, plans and pools on every line on every invoice maximizing savings. We have the time and resources to micro-manage your invoice! We monitor device use & alert you to zero use so you can terminate if necessary. Detailed reports are scheduled and sent automatically.


We provide direct-to-carrier payment platform that streamlines financial exchange. The employee receives an invoice from the carrier that shows a credit to the account.
  • Corporate Policy and Employee Enrollment
  • Managed MDM
  • HR integration
  • Accounting Integration
  • Corporate Payments
  • Carrier Credits to employee accounts
  • All end user questions
  • Full scheduled reports


Our online ordering portal allows you to set your catalog, eligibility, manager approval process, approved accessories, and approved carriers. We verify all the information, check upgrade dates and send the request to the approver listed. Once approved we place the order with the carrier and track through receipt. User and managers have full visibility throughout the process. Prefer to order yourself? You can self administer the portal!


Willow Telecommunication receives invoices in electronic or paper form and enter all into the Mobile Solutions portal. We then preform an inventory reconciliation provide the ability to track devices eligible for upgrade along with device type, device model and serial number and contract dates. Our Mobile Solutions portal has automatic reports that can be scheduled to send, allowing you to see 0 use and over use of your corporate owned devices, adding extra cost savings for your company



The device management is just part of the big picture of mobility management. It means managing policy for all devices that access corporate networks  and choosing enabling technology so you can enforce your policy decisions. We can help you choose the right solution and manage the device security ongoing — lock and wipe devices that are lost, reset passwords, update policy as necessary, monitor active state and provide robust reports.


Willow Telecommunication partners with a trusted mobile device recycling organization to provide complete data security and responsible recycling for end-of-life devices.
  • Environmentally Friendly.
  • Return package is provided.
  • Complete system wipe performed.
  • Working phones/components are refurbished, reset, and prepared for reuse.
  • All non-working phones, components and accessories are recycled following the most stringent environmental standards.

And even more:

Help Desk Services
We help your employees with ordering, tech support, warranty replacement, activations, terminations and more.
We will receive your orders, encrypt, add MDM, send to employees with instructions as per your company policy.
Spare Devices
We manage your spare device pool and send to users as necessary.
International Services
We manage your device rate plans for international travel to minimize your cost. We also have the best source for International WiFi rentals and sim cards as well as prepaid international cell phone rentals.
We have third party accessory options to help save money.
We are happy to review your rate plans, policy and contracts. We handle contract negotiations, policy implementations and revisions.

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Willow Telecommunications provides cost-effective, customized telecom solutions to organizations nationwide.

Willow Telecommunications provides cost-effective, customized telecom solutions to organizations nationwide.

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